Work Experience at Scratch Radio

Over the past 2 and a half years, whilst studying at Birmingham City University, I have volunteered at the student Radio Station Scratch Radio, located at our brand new campus Parkside in the city center. Scratch Radio is a also a community station, it provides a wide range of music and content 24/7, and with a variety of different presenters and topic based shows, there is something for everybody! If you’re over 18 and have an interest in radio, there will be something for you, so if anybody is local and wants to help out, do something new and fun, then email !!!

Presenting and producing a number of different  shows has taught me so many valuable lessons that will help me further my career. Back in 2012, when Chicago Week (celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Sister City Link between Birmingham and Chicago) I presented a music based show, where we compiled different tracks from artists that were from both cities; such as Kanye West and Black Sabbath; we experienced a few technical difficulties; the play out system was in the old studios back in Perry Barr. However, these hiccups during the show, only taught me how to react quickly in critical live air situations, teaching me how to recover the show despite things going wrong. I also presented a show with another team, based on Christmas time, as it was the run up towards Christmas; where we played out our group effort produced Birmingham Christmas Market documentary; which was full of content that we had recorded from going to the markets in the city. The markets were always really busy and always had a great atmosphere, I recorded vox pops (mini interviews in the street) with market goers. My time helping out with Chicago Week taught me much about team work, and communication. Communication is key for success, you need to be direct and clear with your team to produce something brilliant, and it pays off!

Foundation Week, in 2013, where I presented a variety of breakfast and morning shows on Scratch Radio; in teams we were able to be much more creative with our show’s content, providing much more in depth, but fun content. This week, I learned how to use my creativity and produce something original and different, and that it is all in the detail that’s what makes thing count! By also spending a lot of time in the studios, I now feel comfortable with using all of the brand new equipment we have at the new Parkside Building.

This year, I am continuing to volunteer for Scratch Radio by producing a weekly show, with my peers Harriet Noble and Lisa Williams; where it will be an afternoon show, full of silly games and top tips for studying to help our fellow students out! More updates will follow once the shows have started!