I cannot express how much ‘think before you speak’ is relevant to everybody. And I mean everybody. Whether you’re a Government PM, a revolutionist or even a young child writing some idiotic ‘status’ on your so-called ‘opinion’.

This post was inspired by something I had seen posted on my Facebook timeline, where this person expressed her ‘opinion’ on people’s weight. And I quote;

‘if you’re above a size 12 you need to get a grip sort yourself out’ excuse the awful grammar…

at the end of the day your FAT and only have YOURSELF to blame…’ MY GOD. THE GRAMMAR IS KILLING ME TYPING THIS.

This post is not an attack on this individual, it is simply an example of the amount of people who do not think before they speak. I saw this status earlier today; and within 2 hours, there appeared to be a vast amount of people commenting on this ‘status’. 81 to be precise…

If you going to express your views, ALWAYS think and evaluate before you publicise it. Even if it is on Facebook. If it’s controversial/racist/sexist you’re going to hurt someone even if you didn’t mean to. Example; the Facebook status above may have insulted mothers, mothers who have a curvy beautiful body, giving life from those beautiful bodies, who struggle to lose weight because they are constantly looking after their beautiful children. It may have insulted people with health issues, a middle aged man, who had always taken hair of himself, maybe struggling with a bad thyroid problem. Some people just have big bones. Some people eat cake BECAUSE THEY FUCKING WANT TO.

People may be ‘fat’ BUT is there any reason for people to point that out? To tell them that they need to be a size 8-10 so it’s deemed more ‘natural and healthy’ (another quote from that status may I add) is no right of anyone’s. It’s none of your business to complain about other people’s appearances, because how would YOU like it if someone called you names, and told YOU to PUT ON WEIGHT. If you’re unhappy with people’s appearances and their so called ‘fat’ then that’s your problem. Get a grip on reality and realise everybody’s different, even in weight and body size and shapes. Because clearly you didn’t think before you spoke; people realised how much of a small minded person you could be.

Now I am a size 12. I’m 20 years old, 5ft 5, probably weigh about 11 stone, (I don’t tend to bother with ‘weight’) I have boobs and an arse. I like to drink with my friends, I smoke my roll ups, I walk a lot, and I eat relatively healthy (apart from the occasional pizza/chocolate/cookies/bacon sandwiches/ducks in pancakes/fuck loads of Mexican food and so on.) But I’m happy with my appearance. I did go through a time where I had very low self esteem, and I know the pain people suffer, where they hate what they see in the mirror. Where you have to do so many retakes of photos where your arms or chin looks ‘ok.’ Where you don’t want to leave the house because ‘nothing looks right.’ People with low self esteem do not to hear your ‘opinions’ on size 16 people. Nor should you ‘need’ to voice them.

The moral of this post, is NOT to voice your views or opinions. I am all for free speech. I adore free speech. BUT, all I am asking, is that you THINK before you SPEAK. People will not only respect you more, but they will actually listen to you…