Russia’s LGBT community and their so-called ‘Human Rights’

I’m currently in the process of making a short 10 minute radio documentary on the lack of Human Rights for the LGBT community in Russia. I’ve been researching the subject for the past week, and some of the things I’ve read are absolutely horrific. (I’ll get to them later!) I mean, come on, Russia wake up and smell the 21st century for crying out loud.

Now, my message isn’t to bring controversy or anything along the lines of it, my message is simple; Love is Love, Love is All. Having watched about 100 videos into LGBT petitioners in Russia, they are only asking for one thing; Equality and Dignity. WHY are human beings still preventing other human beings from those simple privileges. This is reality people. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in the UK have it so lucky here; and I couldn’t be happier about it, but I’ll never understand how homophobic ‘logic’ works elsewhere in this world.

Now, I’m making my documentary as the Winter Olympics are vastly approaching, they’re being held in Sochi in Russia. Now someone who has took a stand, and a political stand is Mayor Wendy Flynn of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire here in the UK. She has stated she will not travel to Sochi (Sochi is a twin town of Cheltenham, and there’s a possibility of an invitation for her to travel. FULL ARTICLE: due to her views on human rights issues. She mentions that ‘Russia does not give people a voice.’ The Mayor could not have worded this more perfectly.

The introduction of the law banning gay ‘propaganda’ where people can be FINED for ‘spreading homosexual information’ onto 18 year olds. Not only is this now a law, but the rising amount of attacks on LGBT people is alarming. The attackers are often ‘shaven headed young men often wearing Nazi insignia.’ HELLOOOOOOOOO. Does anybody else not see what’s going on? This is human cruelty, where people will beat up and humiliate someone for their sexual orientation. My friend Charlie ( CHECK HER OUT) could not have put it more perfectly; It’s simply genitalia that makes the difference. But why does that give anyone the right to do such things as lure a young gay man of 18, into thinking he was meeting another gay man, and then to shave his head, try to force him to have intercourse with a cat, perform oral sex onto inanimate objects, whilst being filmed, with his soul slowly being battered and beaten. The humiliation, the pain these people must go through.

How is it any different such as racism? Sexism? There is no difference. So how is this still continuing? HOW IS IT EVEN A LAW? This year has been awesome for the LGBT community in other parts of the world; Gay marriage is legal in many different parts of the world, such as here in the UK, the US, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, France, South Africa, New Zealand, not to mention countless others. Where in Russia, you couldn’t even say ‘Gay is OK’ without being called a criminal. You couldn’t have a child with your partner. LOVE IS LOVE AND LOVE IS ALL. Whether that child has two mums, two dads, who gives a shit? If those parents love each other, provide a loving home and love their child, WHAT DOES IT MATTER? ‘Oh, yeah but then there’s a problem that the child could be gay?’ Why is that a problem? At the end of the day, in life, it is our right to reproduce, it is our right to hold our child in our arms, to love that child with our whole beings.

As a race, we have beaten slavery, we have beaten racism, we’re on our way to fully beating sexism, we’ve beaten Hitler, we’ve fought wars. We overcame all that. So how is homophobic attacks still happening? LOVE IS ALL. I cant say anything more than that.

If people think they’re a good person by beating up people because of their sexuality, then people really need to re-evaluate what type of person they are. (Charlie again!)

People need to open their eyes, and smell the homophobia in the world. And help support those who need it; for love, equality and dignity. DO IT FOR THE GAYS! Not because they’re ‘fabulous’, because they are human beings. Do we not all deserve the same rights? The rights to have a baby? The rights to get married to the one they love? The rights to walk down the street hand in hand with their loved one? The rights to not be ashamed of who they are?