Procrastination? Or are you making up excuses?

Being in my second year at university, the whole assignment/essays/’God, once this is over I’m going to get sooooooooo wasted’ workload has come a lot easier. I now know to get my assignments done as soon as possible, so I have more free time, rather than sitting on Buzzfeed or ASOS, or watching cat videos over and over again, leaving me one week to produce/interview/edit/mix a shed load of audio into a tiny 10 minute documentary. The stress is not worth it. The all nighters and stress eating is not worth it. Having that feeling of pure relief and excitement of freedom to get ‘absolutely sloshed’? TOTALLY WORTH IT.

However, it’s not all about doing assignments and rewarding yourself with some rip off watered down Vodka in some ridiculously cheap club, that you cant help but love because you know you’re a student, and the floor always welcomes you when you fall/pass out or vomit that watered down Vodka. It’s about actually doing well in your course. For most people at university, the mentality of students is to get a really top grade from their degree and get a really top notch job when you return home and into your new life. For myself; university is the beginning of my new life. Shit is real now, whether I like it or not.

Throughout my second year, considering it’s only been almost 3 months into this year, a lot of things have gone into motion within my career. For one, the second year blues have definitely kicked in… ( IT’S TOTALLY TRUE) so this year is all about preparing myself for the next part in my life. I have 3 assignments to complete within the next few weeks; a 10 minute documentary on Everyday Sexism ‘What age does catcalling stop at?’, a 1 hour live show about the love story of Beyoncé and Jay Z (no judgements please!) and also to start up my blog!

However, as much as I am getting my work into motion, it pains me when I see people who are still constantly sitting around doing nothing, not realising the consequences of their actions. And the worst pain, THE WORST; is when people sit and complain about how much work they have to do and how little time they have. You cant make excuses anymore. I’ve stopped making excuses, and have learnt how to differentiate and prioritise my time. This is not a post criticising students, it’s simply advice, from one ‘ex-procrastinator’ to those still stuck in those ‘cat videos/ASOS/BuzzFeed’ distraction/addiction phase.

So for my first piece of advice:

  1. Prioritise your time. You can get drunk as much as you want once your assignment is done.
  2. Grab some sense of reality. Watch Jeremy Kyle; do you really want to end up like one of those middle aged, toothless, benefit reliant slobs? Or do you want to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing? Do you want to do what you’re paying thousands of pounds (and will end up in debt when your degree is over) and become the success you know you want?
  3. Find a starting point. The hardest part of completing an assignment/work task is finding a place to start; whether you just need to get up earlier, plan things in advance, if you’re really stuck, you wont even realise how many people will give you help and advice, just ask your tutors, family and friends.
  4. Find a place to work harder than you’ve ever imagined. If you know you work better and more efficiently at your university campus, head to the library. If there’s a particular class room that gets your gears in movement, go there when there’s no class occupying it. If you work better alone in your room, go, put some music on, and put your big hungover thinking cap on. But DO NOT try to work in environment that is full of distractions; whether it be a TV on in the living room/in your own room where you know your Xbox is just whispering to you ‘come on Siobhan, just play me! Complete GTA 5 and you’ll be so happy’ NO XBOX. I have work to do. YOU CAN WAIT.
  5. Stop making excuses for yourself. If you know you have work to do, just get on with it. Stop blaming other things or in some cases even PEOPLE for your own ‘procrastination.’ ‘I cant do my work because my friends are going out to get drunk and I kinda have to go, and I know I wont get any work done anyway…‘ I’m sorry to be frank, but you’re not only bullshitting to me and whoever, but more importantly yourself. You can do work if your friends are going out having fun, because you NEED to do your work in order to achieve your goal. YOU can go get drunk when your work is finished, because you will have earned it. AND your friends, I’m sure will be more than merry to get drunk WITH YOU.

As much as my tips seem kind of harsh in a way, if you do procrastinate, you’ll never know the relief you have of when your work is over and completed, and you can do all your favourite things as much as you want. You wont need to stay up all night working on something that’s meant to be handed in within the next 6 hours. Trust me, from one Buzzfeed addict and procrastination junkie to many others out there. Just get on with it.